Netatec Yachting

Netatec Yachting

With Netatec Yachting, you can have yacht management services, yacht transfer services, spare parts and assembly services and boat rental - charter services.

Netatec Yachting

Netatec Yachting

For safe driving and enjoyable moments that turn your yacht passion into fun and comfort; We will be honored to serve you 24/7 in all seasons with our wide and competent service network, quality and reliable consultancy and captain staff.

Netatec Yachting

Netatec Yachting

For their precious boats; We offer the privilege of undertaking all sea and land consultancy in a safe and enjoyable way.

Netatec Yachting


As the Netatec family, by adding important and valuable names of the sector to its own structure, it has adopted the principle of serving its esteemed customers by developing and growing day by day with a more qualified and professional perspective with its competent staff in the maritime service sector. For their valuable boats; They offer the privilege of undertaking all sea and land consultancy in a safe and enjoyable way.

Netatec Yachting


As Netatec Family, for all your yachts and boats regardless of brand and model;

  • Engine Maintenance and repair operations
  • Generator maintenance and repair operations
  • Arneson systems operations
  • Electrical and electronic components control services
  • Operation of hydraulic systems
  • Bottom spraying (via soda blaster)
  • Project drawing
  • The process of turning seawater into fresh water (Water Maker)
  • Crane Service
  • Stabilizer Process
  • Front and Rear propeller replacement and repair process
  • Pasarella Repair and supply process
  • Bot wintering process
  • Boat Transfer
  • Captain Services

We offer you all your wishes and expectations with professional and quality service.

Netatec Yachting

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Our services

  • Yacht Management Services
    The main purpose of yacht management is to help you make the most of your life. It is our happiness that you enjoy and watch the beautiful open waters that await you.
  • Yacht Transfer Services
    As Netatec Yachting, we provide consultancy services, including logistics assistance, in international and domestic transfers of their boats with our experienced captains.
  • Spare Parts and Installation Services
    Netatec Yachting also provides consultancy and services to the needs of our valued customers in the supply and installation of spare parts that your yachts and boats need.
  • Boat Rental - Charter Services
    Netatec Yachting offers yachts for your hourly, daily and seasonal charters according to your budget.


What Our Customers Say

Netatec Yachting is like a part of our yachting family that supports us in our boat buying process. After the period we bought our boat, we solve all our yacht and boat service needs quickly and easily.

Ekrem Turan

When I decided to buy a boat, I actually had some question marks in my mind. I met Netatec Yachting through a friend of mine who owns a boat. They affered me consultancy services tofind my dream boat. I have been driving the comfort of pleasure for 2 years.


Netatec Yachting  we have been working with a team of experts for 3 years, where we leave our boat trusts at the beinning and end of every summer and have all our shorcomings built. As long as our liftime is enough, we will continue to receive yacht service at Netatec Yachting.